Sourcing from Far East Suppliers

Sourcing from Far East Suppliers


Globalisation has enabled companies to work with many suppliers all around the world. We at Sourcing OK for example have many suppliers, which are located in China and are working hard with them to guarantee our clients the best service possible! The best service requires a lot of hard work however and for those who are curious about the sourcing process, we outlined the basic steps we go through when sourcing from Far East suppliers.


  1. Enquiring about Items

After you have send your requests through to us, we immediately start working on enquiring with different suppliers all around the world. Many of the suppliers we work with usually give us a reply after one to three days. When getting back to you, we always strive to give a good price, however we do not only look for the cheapest option available when giving you a quote but also consider our previous experience with a certain supplier, if the product requirements will be met and if we believe that we can deliver a product of the highest possible quality. Although this takes a lot of work and time our priority is to make you happy and satisfied with the outcome.


  1. Pricing

After carefully evaluating the supplier’s ability to produce a high quality product and if every little product detail you have requested is accounted for, we give you a price which includes all the details like branding and also delivery right to your doorstep. Our goal is to give you not only the best product but also the best price possible.


  1. Quality Assurance

Besides price we also carefully evaluate the quality of the product. After around 10 to 25 days the supplier sends us a sample of the product before planning for mass production. We send this sample on to you so you can see for yourself if the product meets your standards. If there are any changes you wish to make this is the time you can speak up! Tell us your ideas, concerns or any other comments regarding the products and we will make sure to consider every aspect before going into mass production. If you require certain product compliances, such as ROHS compliance, we will make sure to choose a supplier which can show a certificate or pass testing with an independent testing company.


  1. Final Confirmation

Before going into mass production we usually ask for a final confirmation of the order, which is also accompanied by preproduction samples from the supplier, you have to approve. Do you want to increase the quantity you have ordered, change the colour or change the logo size? Although it is more convenient if we know about these changes as soon as possible, you still have the chance to tell us before we give an all-clear to our supplier for mass production. Prices may vary depending on which kind of changes you want to make however we will try our best to stay as close to the price as possible.


  1. Mass Production

This step usually takes around 1 – 1.5 months depending on how complex the item is. During this time there is not much to do however we always check that production is going smoothly and everything will be finished on time to meet your delivery deadline. With certain products we can request a mass production sample after the production reaches 10 % to make sure that the quality level is reached and the product is looking exactly as you expect it to.


  1. Delivery

After the production is finished we liaise with our supplier and our shipping forwarder to arrange the fastest route to the UK or wherever you wish your products to be delivered to. We receive a shipping or airfreight schedule and after packing the products they are on the way to you. Depending which method you choose the shipping can vary from a week to a month. We will always try to make sure you receive everything on time and if there are any hold ups from the factory or on the way to you we will inform you as soon as possible about these.


These steps are just an outline of how the sourcing process works. Most of the time a lot more work goes into putting together a good quote, but even so we try and work as fast as possible on any request. If you are interested in our work give us a call, write us an email or visit our website .

Currently an intern at Sourcing OK, Olga has been studying International Business both in Germany at the Berlin School of Economics and Law in England at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge for the past two years. Originally from Russia, she has been living in Germany most of her live and recently moved to England for studies.