Product Safety of Promotional Products

Product Safety of Promotional Products

Product safety is a very important aspect when considering giving out Promotional Merchandise. This is especially important if your target group for a certain product are children. For this reason you should look for a supplier/importer who knows and conforms to the latest European safety standards when supplying you with the products you ordered. But you should not only rely on the supplier to take care of that but you, as a client, should also have your fair share of knowledge.


There are three good reasons why you should look out for safety in your product


1. Protect the consumer

road sign with safety first written on itThe first and most important reason for safety in your product is to protect the consumer, especially if your promo product is meant for children under the age of 12. This category of end consumers is very important as children are at greater risk of injury than adults.

Many times the product in itself is safe enough, for example when supplying a mug or chunky items, which do not break easily. However, as you are adding decoration and branding to your product you must look out for small parts, which might be hazardous for small children and can be swallowed or
broken and result in injury.

If you choose to import your products form the Far East you must ensure that the supplier you are working with knows about the various tests, the product has to undergo and pass! These test most often target the content of the products, like lead, cadmium and any dangerous substances, as well as the breakability, which might be harmful to children and adults alike. This is why choosing a responsible supplier, like us, is very important. We will always guarantee that the products we import from the Far East will be compliant with the safety regulations form the UK.


2. Protect your company

Large 3d test spelling IMAGE being build with cranes Second reason to look out for safety is the reputation of your company. Be a company, which not only has outstanding products but also takes care of safety measures. If you are supplying your products to a wide circle of customers this fact is even more important as the more people get their hands on your product the higher the risk of injury will be. A small mistake can cause great damage to your company’s reputation especially if that mistake concerns the safety of your customers. Many companies suffered from the fact that they ignored safety measures and in turn gained a bad reputation (e.g. Volkswagen).



3. Because it is the law

black scale symbolYou should consider product safety, as it is the law. There are many comprehensive regulations from both the UK and the EU which, when followed, ensure customer safety and prevent end users from serious injury caused by hazards regarding the products. If you ignore the safety laws there may be serious consequences like fees and penalties for your business.

There are many more reasons as to why you should look out for product safety concerning your promotional products. However by choosing a trustworthy and responsible supplier, such as Sourcing OK, most of the work is done for you. We ensure that the products we source from the Far East comply with safety regulations in the UK and EU and that you and your customers will receive products of the highest quality and safety.

Currently an intern at Sourcing OK, Olga has been studying International Business both in Germany at the Berlin School of Economics and Law in England at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge for the past two years. Originally from Russia, she has been living in Germany most of her live and recently moved to England for studies.