Our Story

Who We Are

Sourcing OK is a creative sourcing agency with particular experience in the development and sourcing of promotional products and covermount gifts for various consumer industries including Publishing, FMCG, Beauty and Beverages. Our years of experience, coupled with a young and talented creative team, enable us to deliver innovative product solutions on budget and on time, every time.

It all began as an idea between two friends that believed they could provide a better service and more unique, higher quality, products to the jungle of promotional gifts out there. They also believed they could create a place to work where talent and dedication are not taken for granted and a place where ideas are valued and nurtured.

With this in mind, Sourcing OK’s mission is to develop enthusiastically satisfied customers at all times by delivering the highest quality of promotional products solutions, the world over. This is our belief, promise and guarantee.



We work with a number of Disney and Hasbro approved factories and we carry out inspections at every stage of the process.

Sourcing OK is an associate member of the BPMA, the UK’s Promotional Merchandise Association.

At Sourcing OK, we maintain our comittment of ensuring ethical practice by all parties involved in every stage of our supply chain.

Sourcing OK have obtained a number of specific importation certifications, essential to deal with the highly diversified product portfolio.

Our Promise


Never Undersold

This is our pledge and guarantee. We are able to accomplish this by working within our established partnerships with agents and suppliers in the Far East as well as here in the UK and the EU, giving us the ability to offer the guaranteed lowest price as well as command production priority over other sourcing agents at our many manufacturing facilities.

Unrivaled Customer Service

Sourcing OK is committed to exceeding your expectations by providing world-class customer service. We promise to provide you with a straightforward, timely, creative and helpful sourcing experience. We make certain this is always the case by providing you a dedicated team that will not only look after your account, but will also learn about your brand strategy and provide support and ideas that match your company strategy. With this approach we are able to provide an ever improving service that is uniquely specialised and tailored to you.

Our Products are exactly what you want them to be

We provide you with what you want, at the time you want, and at the lowest guaranteed price. A philosophy and a way of doing business that should be the norm, but based on our own experiences are surprisingly uncommon in our industry and in many others. Whether your order includes custom engineered and bespoke designs or “off the shelf” items, we are committed to exceeding your expectations in our products and our service.