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Five Steps to a Good Client Relationship

Five Steps to a Good Client Relationship



As a company operating in the Business-to-Business sector, retaining a good client relationship is of utter importance to your business performance. The following few tips should give you an idea of what you need to do in order to sustain a good relationship with your clients.

Proactive approach

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Involve yourself as early as possible into the process. If your client has a new project coming up for which he/she will require certain services, do not hesitate to contact and offer them help. This will make you a trusted advisor and their first choice for the future. Make sure to enquire ahead of time. Be always the first one to call!




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Each client is unique and special like a snowflake. The services they require from you might be different than another client, so be as specific to your offers as possible. Try and match your services to your clients’ business needs and you will see more enquiries from them.



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Be honest, open and trustworthy when conducting business! This is very important as most B2B relationships are based on trust. You have to try and deliver the best service possible which will create the basis of a trustworthy relationship. Failing to do so will drive the client away and you will lose business.




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If there is a big client, which brings you a lot of revenue, it is worth offering them special service. This could include price reductions, delivery cost reduction or any other additional services that might look promising to them. This will not only secure future business with the client but also might make you their first choice.




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Last but not least is asking for feedback. Even if everything went well with the order or service, the customer might still have some negative (or positive) feedback to give which will definitely improve your services. It is very important to enquire about feedback to ensure everyone is satisfied.

Currently an intern at Sourcing OK, Olga has been studying International Business both in Germany at the Berlin School of Economics and Law in England at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge for the past two years. Originally from Russia, she has been living in Germany most of her live and recently moved to England for studies.