Responsible Sourcing


Things that actually matter

Sustainable and environmentally responsible sourcing is an important issue for us at Sourcing OK.  We all live on this planet and it is up to all of us to protect it by conserving its resources and reducing our carbon footprint whenever possible.  Thankfully, it is often possible to incorporate environmentally sustainable sourcing with most promotional items used in corporate gifts and customised giveaways.  With this premise, Sourcing OK works hard to offer promotional solutions with eco-friendly alternatives on many of our products ranges, whether its products that are made of organic cotton or those that are made of recycled plastics.  We are also happy to say that all of the paper used for our print products are FSC certified and usually consist of a minimum 20% recycled content.

In addition to offering products with organic, recycled and recyclable material made from sustainably managed resources, we also have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint in the packing and transportation of our goods.  Whenever possible the products are shipped directly from the factory to our clients in the most efficient manner possible, thus greatly minimizing the significant energy (usually carbon based) used in transport.

Ethical Sourcing:

We at Sourcing OK take the issue of human rights very seriously and practice ethically responsible sourcing with EVERY SINGLE ORDER we fulfill.  All of our suppliers’ factories have been personally inspected by a member of our own staff.  In addition, many of our factories are routinely inspected by third party inspection agencies that hold the highest reputation in our industry (SGS and V-Trust).

This issue for us goes beyond any type of business consideration, and is simply the required due diligence of responsible individuals in positions that can make a difference.  We believe that we can make a small, but important contribution in promoting and ensuring that everyone along our supply chains are treated fairly, with dignity, with respect and with the freedoms that all people deserve in this world.

Every little bit helps and if we all do our part, together we can make this a better, cleaner planet.